TDB corruption on sam.ldb tdb files

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Fri Sep 21 20:06:46 MDT 2012

Resending as I used a non list subscribed from address previously. Sorry for the duplicate message.

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> From: "Andrew Bartlett" <abartlet at>
> I doubt this will work.  As soon as you have to read that failed
> record, it will fail.  Aside from tdbbackup, we don't have any
> automatic tools to help here.

Ok I'll shelve that idea.

> Have you looked at the binary tdb to work out what the bad magic is?

Using this as a reference: tdb_rec_read bad magic 0x6863733d at offset=1773572
failed to copy DC=AD,DC=(domain name).ldb

Viewing and trying to make sense of the binary content of a file is pushing my level of understanding, but I'll have a go.

Using ghex2, and going to byte 1773572, I see the it has the value 0x74 which is the letter 't' in a reference to a machine account, CN=(computer name), CN=Computers,DC=(domain name). Byte 1773572 is the 't' in 'Computers'. So it's in the middle of a record. 124-127 bytes earlier is the string "@IDX" so I guess it's part of the index that I'm looking at.

Between @IDX and the above computer name is one more computer name, and after it are four more computer names, all intact, no unexpected characters. After that is a partial UUID, CN=c88227bc-fcca-4b58 (it stops there).

0x6863733d spells out "hcs=", but if I search that file for that phrase I don't get a result.

Am I looking for the right stuff here?

Andrew B, would it be worth me sending you the ldb file to have a look at?


Andrew W

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