sysvol replication between ntvfs and s3fs

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Thu Sep 20 00:56:14 MDT 2012

On Wed, 2012-09-19 at 16:18 +0200, Daniele Dario wrote:
> Hi Matthiew and samba team,
> I'm looking if it is possible to sync sysvol partition between my two
> samba4 DCs and I found your "sync_dc" script.
> Would rsync -X -u -a work also if one DC is working with NTVFS while the
> other uses S3FS?
> Sorry if the question is stupid but I've read that there are differences
> between the two implementations and that moving from NTVFS to S3FS
> requires to use the sysvolreset command to apply right ACLs.

Correct, you need to reset the ACLs otherwise editing the GPOs won't
work, even if the permissions appear to be correct.  This will also
correct any invalid posix owners (ntvfs -> s3fs direction only). 

Andrew Bartlett

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