Backing up samba4

steve steve at
Wed Sep 19 09:22:40 MDT 2012

On 19/09/12 16:31, Rowland Penny wrote:
> On 19/09/12 14:55, Marc Muehlfeld wrote:
>> Am 19.09.2012 15:27, schrieb steve:
>>> I just did it on a test LAN. I deleted /usr/local/samba and rsynced 
>>> it back.
>>> samba fired up fine. xp and w7 clients could log in and GPO's were 
>>> respected.
>>> What is the problem in doing this? It works with openSUSE 12.2. It 
>>> fails with
>>> ubuntu lts.
>> I guess it worked, because during the rsync, nothing was changed in 
>> the tdb/ldb files, because it's a small test network. If you have a 
>> bigger network, where the databases often changes, it could happen 
>> that this appears during your rsync. Then you have a 
>> corrupt/inconsistent "backup".
OK guys. Let's keep it simple.

Stop samba and and then rsync the samba directory to somewhere that 
understands acl's. e.g. a 10 Euro usb memory stick formatted with ext4.

Then no one can change anything. Remember, we are talking a single DC 
for one domain.
cron it at say, 3am when the LAN is not needed anyway.

Delete the whole of /usr/local/samba on your hard drive.

rsync it back from the usb memory.
Conclusion: you get back to exactly where you were.
What am I missing?

Cheers, Steve.

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