[PATCH] copy-chunk / FSRVP (remote snapshots) changes

David Disseldorp ddiss at suse.de
Mon Sep 17 18:09:17 MDT 2012


I've cleaned up, collapsed and rebased the copy-chunk and FSRVP (remote
snapshot RPC server) changes presented at SambaXP. Additionally:
- copy-chunk request processing takes locks into account
- permission checking is performed when processing FSRVP requests
- The FSRVP server retains state across restart
- Extra smbtorture tests are added
- vfs_btrfs is now documented

The code can be found at:
git://git.samba.org/ddiss/samba.git async_fsrvp_srv_wip_sxp2012_btrfs_enums_collapsed_ioctl

I'll be running this code at the SDC plugfest, so stop by if you'd like
to see it in action. I'd also much appreciate review of any or all of
the changes.

Cheers, David

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