Error accessing policies in beta7

Daniele Dario d.dario76 at
Mon Sep 17 00:51:11 MDT 2012

Hi samba team,
after I've upgraded my secondary DC to Version 4.0.0beta7-GIT-b05d28e
and enabled s3fs on it, sometimes in my daily logwatch report I see
these errors from httpd on the DC:

Requests with error response codes
  405 Method Not Allowed
     /sysvol/saitelitalia.local/Policies/%7B31B ... 00C04FB984F9%7D: 1
     /sysvol/saitelitalia.local/Policies/%7B31B ... 84F9%7D/gpt.ini: 1

I'm not sure but there is one of my boss which has a MS Vista laptop and
the error seems to appear only on the days which he is in the office.

Next time he is in office I'll try to see if I can find the problem. Has
anyone seen something similar?

Thanks in advance,

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