On keeping the docs

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Thu Sep 13 03:25:39 MDT 2012

Am Thursday, den 13.09.2012, 07:03 +1000 schrieb Andrew Bartlett:
> Just to follow up on the thread about what to do about the howto
> collection.
> Many of the docs (particularly the Samba HOWTO) are now a little out of
> date, and most have not had major revisions in years. 
> However, while we tend to focus on how out of date they are, we forget
> how little Samba administration changes (or how much we value backwards
> comparability).  I did chat with Jelmer on this, who reminded me (but
> didn't get a chance to write to the list) that it is still much easier
> to fix up old docs than to start from scratch. 
> Therefore, while we won't ship them built in rc1, I think we should at
> least try and go over and correct the docs, rather than wholesale remove
> them.  
Thanks for sending mail about that. I indeed hadn't found the time to do

I'll have a look at getting the docs to build with just waf. That might
require dropping some of the more fancy features (including smb.conf.5¸
the index, examples list) but we can always re-add those later.



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