user authentication issues with samba4-beta5 as a member server

Jean Raby jraby at
Sat Sep 8 10:12:57 MDT 2012

On 12-09-07 6:21 PM, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Fri, 2012-09-07 at 17:46 -0400, Jean Raby wrote:
>> On 12-09-07 12:31 PM, Jean Raby wrote:
>>> On 12-09-06 6:02 PM, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
>>>> On Thu, 2012-09-06 at 09:59 -0400, Jean Raby wrote:
>>>>> On 12-09-05 7:17 PM, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
>>>>>>> Alright, I tested this again with beta8 and /usr/sbin/samba won't even
>>>>>>>> start when configured as a member server.
>>>>>>>> So I guess the release notes were right;-)
>>>>>>>> We've been using samba as a DC along with openchange and sogo and it
>>>>>>>> works pretty well for our development needs, but we're trying to
>>>>>>>> find a
>>>>>>>> way to integrate that with existing domains with a windows DC.
>>>>>>>> At first I thought that we'd simply have to join samba as a member
>>>>>>>> server, but obviously, that won't work for now.
>>>>>> It is meant to still permit a startup in this situation. Is there any
>>>>>> chance you could debug the code in source4/smbd/server.c that imposes
>>>>>> this restriction and work out why if doesn't allow you to start up?
>>>>> Indeed, samba will start if 'dcerpc endpoint servers' contains
>>>>> 'mapiproxy'.
>>>>> It didn't work in my tests since I was using a minimal smb.conf without
>>>>> this parameter.
>>>>> However, I get the same behavior when trying to authenticate a user
>>>>> using wbinfo -K :
>>>> Ahh, this is simple. wbinfo -K is unimplemented in the winbind in the
>>>> 'samba' binary. wbinfo -a should work however.
>>> Unfortunately 'wbinfo -a' doesn't work either.
>>> I'll dive in with gdb and try to understand what's going on here.
>>> I've also attached the output from samba -d10, maybe that can be useful
>>> to understand what's wrong.
>> After digging for a while, it looks like the credentials are correctly
>> sent to the DC, but it refuses them with 'access denied' as can be seen
>> in the netlogon debug log:
>> 09/07 16:13:04 [LOGON] OPENCHANGE: SamLogon: Network logon of
>> OPENCHANGE\sogo1 from  (via SOGO) Entered
>> 09/07 16:13:04 [LOGON] OPENCHANGE: SamLogon: Network logon of
>> OPENCHANGE\sogo1 from  (via SOGO) Returns 0xC000002
>> Googling around for that kind of issue turned up some results stating
>> that this could happen if the machine doing the auth request (SOGO in
>> this case) is not correctly joined to the domain.
>> So I went ahead and tried 'wbinfo -t' to test the shared secret (which I
>> assume is the machine account password?) and that didn't work either.
>> Here's the netlogon log excerpt:
>> 09/07 16:14:41 [LOGON] OPENCHANGE: SamLogon: Network logon of
>> OPENCHANGE\SOGO$ from SOGO (via SOGO) Entered
>> 09/07 16:14:41 [LOGON] OPENCHANGE: SamLogon: Network logon of
>> OPENCHANGE\SOGO$ from SOGO (via SOGO) Returns 0xC0000022
>> Is that expected at this time or should it work?
>> I've also tested the machine password using wbinfo -a 'sogo$' from a
>> samba3 machine joined to the domain and it worked as expected...
> Very, very odd.  This looks like a genuine bug, and I hope we can sort
> it out.  Certainly is is something we can try and fix after the RC and
> before the release.
> Any more details you can get me for reproducing this (not so much the
> -d10, but you can send that in private if you like, but software
> versions, exact steps to reproduce etc) would be most helpful.
The test setup is as follows:
   - Windows 2003 DC (domain: OPENCHANGE)
   - Samba4 beta8 on ubuntu 12.04

On the samba machine I have these settings:

  dns_lookup_realm = false
  dns_lookup_kdc = true
  default_realm = OPENCHANGE.LOCAL

/etc/resolv.conf has only one nameserver entry which is the ip of the DC.

         workgroup = OPENCHANGE
         realm = OPENCHANGE.LOCAL
         netbios name = SOGO
         server role = member server
         passdb backend = samba4
         log level = 5

         ### Configuration required by OpenChange server ###
         dcerpc endpoint servers = epmapper, mapiproxy
         dcerpc_mapiproxy:server = true
         dcerpc_mapiproxy:interfaces = exchange_emsmdb, exchange_nsp, 
         ### Configuration required by OpenChange server ###

/etc/resolv.conf has only one nameserver which is the ip of the DC.

Then, I run these commands to prepare samba and join the domain:
   kinit administrator
   provision --server-role=member -k yes --domain=OPENCHANGE 
   samba-tool domain join  OPENCHANGE.LOCAL MEMBER -k yes

All these work without complaining.

Then, I simply start samba (samba -d5 -M single -i) and run wbinfo.

FWIW, I've also tested to join the domain without '-k yes' (using -U and 
--password) with the same results.

Let me know if there's any information missing, or if I can do anything 
else to help debug this.



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