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Fri Sep 7 00:09:54 MDT 2012

On 2012-09-07 02:36, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

Hi Andrew,

> Just a reminder that we generate a list of unused functions at:
> Some of these functions are from heimdal, pidl or complete an API that
> isn't fully used, but there are others that are just unused, and could
> be removed.  (And of course unused code is very much untested code).

How is this list generated? Only from smbtorture calls?
I'm asking because in addition to the relatively sparse set of "real"
unit tests, we have a lot of tests that are more broad functional tests.
Many of our blackbox tests e.g. for wbinfo fall into that category.

I'm mainly asking because this list reports that
lpcfg_dns_recursive_queries is unused.

This function is called for each and every DNS packet we process. It is
run ~20 times from the dns tests at least.


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