Samba4 Inheritance of directory ACLs

Marc Muehlfeld Marc.Muehlfeld at
Thu Sep 6 01:31:32 MDT 2012

Am 31.08.2012 10:40, schrieb Gémes Géza:
> That is not true, (at least for machine account creation rights), rights can
> be delegated, but the missing point is inheritance (subOUs don't get the
> permissions applied at an upper level)

Maybe I do something wrong:

- Open 'group policy management console' as 'domain admin'
- Go to 'Domains' / my Domain / 'Group Policy Objects' / 'Default Domain Policy'
- Go to the 'delegation' tab and click the 'add' button
- I choose a user and set permissions 'edit settings'
- The new added user appears in the list now.

- Logon as the user I've added in the previous step
- Open 'group policy management console' and navigate to 'Group Policy Objects'
- Right on 'Default Domain Policy' and choose 'edit'.
- In the grouppolicy window I change e. g. the time limit of the screensaver 
and click 'OK'
- And here I get the the message 'Access denied'

Did I something wrong or is it a bug - then I can open a bug report with logs, 
etc., of course.

I test here with beta8.


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