Samba4 Beta Test Results

Zane Zakraisek doublezane at
Mon Sep 3 23:35:04 MDT 2012

The Samba HOWTO says to email results here.

I recently compiled and installed Samba4 Beta 8. The results were great.
The domain was very stable with login times seeming to be much faster than
what I've experienced with Windows Server 2008 R2. The only thing that I
had trouble with was a share that I named "homes" (without quotes). I
currently run Samba 3 with my home directory share named "homes" (the
default name in Samba 3) When I created a share called "homes" in Samba4,
my windows clients could not access the share. I changed the share name to
"home" (while still keeping everything like path and permissions the same)
and it worked real smooth (is the share name "homes" not allowed or off
limits?). I also used some of the Windows Server Remote Administration
Tools. They worked pretty good although I was hoping that there would be a
little better integration.
Overall I'm pleased with the results and I can't thank you guys enough for
all that you've done over the years. Thanks a ton Samba Team!!!

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