SAMBA4 on the Raspberry Pi

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That's a bit of a classic question, but the answer to what hardware one
needs is more "measure it" than "it depends".

Smbtorture includes replays of an some relatively old sessions without
"think" times, and is therefor an example of a capacity planner;s
simulated-load tool.  A replay of a more modern session, based on an
anonomized wireshark log of your school, might be a very good start.

Somewhere in the mix will be the slowest single operation, and it will
make a moderately good estimator of Dmax, the bottleneck demand when run
by itself.  The same recording will also tell us the average D, and the
average "think" time between operations by the same user.  From that you
can build a PDQ or JMT model of Samba-with-your-workloads and have a
predictive tool.

Probably more work than is fun, but quite doable.


On 10/25/2012 01:57 PM, Ricky Nance wrote:
> Steve, that is a very generic question, and the best answer I can give is
> that networks are like people, all are unique even though they share many
> of the same characteristics. The question can't be answered like this, you
> have given us far too little information. On the 5 user network, are they
> doing a lot of video editing, or just a text document here an there, and
> why are you running AD at home? How many pc's do you have? Is there a
> budget? On the 2000 user network, the same questions, along with, are other
> devices querying the AD server to provide authentication? Are there a lot
> of laptops that frequently leave the network? What does the backbone of the
> network look like? Everything inside of each network factors into deciding
> the right hardware to choose for a server. There are cases where a flash
> drive is just as efficient as a network share. It really depends on what
> the client is needing (or end users if you are the admin).
> Ricky
> On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 7:55 AM, steve <steve at> wrote:
>> On 25/10/12 08:28, Jan B Kinander wrote:
>>> If you have ordered your Raspberry Pi recently you'll get the 512M
>>> version,
>>> that one should work much better then the 256M version, cause the memory
>>> is
>>> a bottleneck in mine. Don't run X11 on it if you can avoid it,
>> Hi Jan, hi everyone
>> I asked about the hardware requirements to run a Samba 4.0 DC a while ago.
>> Geza came the closest by suggesting anything that can survive a build of
>> the source. After that, there's nothing much a DC has to do and so we end
>> up with wasting a good computer.
>> Do we have any hardware recommendations e.g. what configuration would be
>> best for:
>> - a home domain with 5 users
>> - a school with 2000 students
>> Add to that questions of security. Where do we house our DC's? Where do we
>> store our file servers? I'm talking grass roots user level here. Like, 'I
>> store my DC's in a room with a lock and key', or, 'I don't care, no one has
>> the root password so I sleep easy'.
>> Cheers,
>> Steve.
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