SAMBA4 on the Raspberry Pi

steve steve at
Thu Oct 25 06:55:02 MDT 2012

On 25/10/12 08:28, Jan B Kinander wrote:
> If you have ordered your Raspberry Pi recently you'll get the 512M version,
> that one should work much better then the 256M version, cause the memory is
> a bottleneck in mine. Don't run X11 on it if you can avoid it,

Hi Jan, hi everyone

I asked about the hardware requirements to run a Samba 4.0 DC a while 
ago. Geza came the closest by suggesting anything that can survive a 
build of the source. After that, there's nothing much a DC has to do and 
so we end up with wasting a good computer.

Do we have any hardware recommendations e.g. what configuration would be 
best for:

- a home domain with 5 users
- a school with 2000 students

Add to that questions of security. Where do we house our DC's? Where do 
we store our file servers? I'm talking grass roots user level here. 
Like, 'I store my DC's in a room with a lock and key', or, 'I don't 
care, no one has the root password so I sleep easy'.


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