Samba4 GPO:USER/Preferences/Printers/Printers.xmlnot found

Thomas Mueller thomas at
Thu Oct 25 00:40:28 MDT 2012


i'm using samba4 rc3 on debian from compiled git.

Playing with GPOs I've detected the following:

I've added ad Group Policy with a Drive mapping and a shared printer 
connection. Exited the group policy editor and wanted to review the 
settings in the group policy management console settings tab.

There was an error telling me the USER/Preferences/Printers/Printers.xml 
was not found.  Examining the folders on the server, the folder Printers  
is missing. 

Interesting: the USER/Preferences/Drives/Drives.xml exists.

If I create the Printers folder manually, the Printers.xml gets created 
next time I add the shard printer connection and also the Settings tab 
shows no error anymore.

- Thomas

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