Samba 4 from internal DNS to named and GPOs issue

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I use this machine as vm in testing and the reason moving the dns to bind is because all my other dns records are on bind on another host that handles the domain, email and so on. In one environment I want to use bind as a central and single dns, but in another environment, I will probably have bind as primary dns and samba as secondary dns and on separate machines. The only reason for having samba use internal is the space of the hdd for fileserver storage. I want samba to stay on the bigger hdd. I just don't have enough machines to span samba on multiple servers to handle the shares.
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Why do you want to move to bind did you had bugs?
If so would you mind to share with us ?

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I am running Samba 4 RC3 on a VM and I want to backup the whole thing and
restore it onto a physical machine. I know there is a script for that, but
currently I have it running by using the internal DNS and I want to have it
running with named. Would the script carry the DNS confog over? How do I
make it swicth from internal to named?

I also have several GPOs set, but the client machines will not pick them up.
I disabled the shutdown, control panel and other things, but as soon as I
access the GPO with GPMC, it says that the SYSVOL data is not in sync with
the AD data and it just doesn't work. Is this a bug in Samba 4 RC3?

I hope you can answer both questions.


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