access my created share in smb.conf Only by Ip

Mohammad Ebrahim Abravi lamp.mia at
Wed Oct 17 05:55:10 MDT 2012


samba4 rc3
*s4-ad -> samba server Host name -> domain name*
*Dns Server -> Samba Internal DNS server , Bind 9.9.1-P2*
*win xp*

have access to default  share such as sysvol  by dns name (\\

but if  created a share in smb.conf  Only access by IP such as :

\\\myshare   ->  no  access and ask me for user and password !
\\\myshare  ->  access

If using ** my share accessible !!!

\\\myshare   ->  no  access !
\\ <>\myshare   ->  access !

\\\sysvol   ->  access !
\\*s4-ad* <>. <>\sysvol  ->
access !

In *\\* seen all the shared directory, but not accessible

in *samba alpha17* no need type *s4-ad*

what happened ?

This is  Bug in samba4 rc3 ?


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