We need to stop voting

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Wed Oct 17 02:34:37 MDT 2012

Hi Jeremy,

>> Let's just leave this for a few weeks, and return to it with a sense of
>> good will and community later in the year. 
> It's important this gets done asap. Our ongoing quality as a
> software project depends on this (IMHO).

I disagree to this.

I mean I like code reviews, but I don't see any urgent demand to do this
*now* and mandatory.

Even with mandatory code review we'll have the days where the build is
broken on for a specific platform or feature, there's not much we can do

And I think we actually improved a lot over the last years, there were
times where
the build was broken every 2nd or 3rd day. And which svn it was really
hard to
just the revert the guilty commit locally.
Now it happens just a few times a month and only for specific platforms or
non-default features. And with git it's most times very easy to revert
the guilty
commit and keep working without waiting that it's fixed upstream.

To avoid the vfs_gpfs specific problem, we could do something like we've
already done with ctdb. We've copied the public headers from ctdb to master
and have an autobuild rule to build samba with clustering.


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