Moving a s4 DC to a different host

Marc Muehlfeld Marc.Muehlfeld at
Tue Oct 16 23:50:42 MDT 2012

Am 17.10.2012 04:59, schrieb Andrew Bartlett:
> Pretty much.  You may need to move the fsmo roles across before the
> demote, otherwise it can fail.

Thanks for that information.

But I have some more questions:

- Can this only be done on windows side via ntdsutil.exe? Or on samba side, too?

- If I see later on windows side the new server name for all 5 owners in the 
output of "netdom query /domain:... fsmo", then everything is successfully?

- Is there anything I have to consider about DNS? Or do the IP of the new DC 
is automatically added to samba4/bind when I join and the one of the old DC is 
removed on demote?


PS: Of course I'll add all the steps later to the wiki, if I had successfully 
moved the DC, for documentation.

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