Build fail with 4.0.0_rc2 on Gentoo

Michael Bryce mike at
Mon Oct 15 06:55:39 MDT 2012

On 15/10/12 17:16, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 7:10 AM, Mike Bryce <mike at> wrote:
>> My problem is that the installation fails in the linking stage with the
>> following output:
>> ...
>> [2720/2941] Linking default/source4/torture/smbtorture
>> [2721/2941] Linking default/source4/torture/gentest
>> [2722/2941] Linking default/source4/torture/masktest
>> /usr/lib64/ undefined reference to `rep_dlclose at LDB_1.1.12'
>> /usr/lib64/ undefined reference to `rep_dlopen at LDB_1.1.12'
>> /usr/lib64/ undefined reference to `rep_dlerror at LDB_1.1.12'
>> /usr/lib64/ undefined reference to `rep_dlsym at LDB_1.1.12'
>> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> This means your system-supplied libldb is compiled against libreplace
> but exact dependency to libreplace (and libreplace itself) is missing.
Odd, because the on my system is installed by the ldb package.
>> Can someone confirm if I am barking up the right tree here? If this is a
>> problem with the packaging system's configure parameters or something
>> like that, I'm happy to compile it manually if you think it will help
>> (and can tell me which parameters should change).
> This is definitely a packaging problem with system-supplied libldb.
Not having any better ideas, I reinstalled the ldb package. This
replaced the existing with a newly compiled one.
I was then able to complete the samba install without further issues. Hmmm.

Thanks Alexander, you were obviously right about the linking issue. Not
sure how it could have happened with both libraries being installed by
the same package, but it seems happy now.

I will test.

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