Code review required for commits - formal Team vote.

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Fri Oct 12 12:56:40 MDT 2012

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On 2012-10-12 20:16, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> What I'm asking for with this vote is a request for the Team to
> *try* this process out in the same way we tried pushing only to
> autobuild.
> If people are happy with the result then we keep the policy. If
> people are unhappy and it really doesn't work for them then we can
> have another proposal to revert, or modify.

So basically we're not trying it now, but agree to leave the door open
for another vote if we don't like it?

> But I think there's enough support for this method we really should
> give it a try. We could discuss this until the cows come home, but
> eventually we have to agree if we want to try something specific.
> And being a democracy I don't want to give it a try without people
> at least voting :-).

I don't see why we need a vote to start trying this. The way I see a
trial working was that everybody tries to do reviews on patches sent
to samba-technical, and everybody agrees to not push code directly.
Basically, we do whatever the initial proposal was, without actually
having it as a rule. And then, once we tried it for a while, we have a
vote on whether we want to make the system mandatory.

It seems like this proposal is the other way around, so I don't agree.
- -1 from me for the current proposal.


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