abee79f vfs: Use posix_sys_acl_blob_get_file in vfs_gpfs for posix ACLs

Christian Ambach ambi at samba.org
Fri Oct 12 05:16:37 MDT 2012

Hi Andrew,

On 10/11/2012 01:16 PM, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> If there is an NFSv4 ACL, then we give an error.  The layers above
> this cope with errors, and when the patch to vfs_acl_common is
> applied (currently there are no callers) it will simply fall back to
> the hash of the NT ACL.  (And given the simple mapping, this is less
> important to implement).
> If it is a posix ACL, then call the posix helper function that
> linearlises the posix ACL into a blob, along with the owner, group
> and mode.

I fixed up the module and let it behave as requested (although I do not
understand what this code is trying to do, especially as all of these
functions are yet unused because the caller code is missing).

> What was the error BTW?
Wrong parameter count to macros, use of undeclared variables..
Those should have been spot-able by just compiling in ones mind, so this 
patch doesn't seem to be very carefully done.

There is a patch set coming through autobuild (that also adds some
formatting fixes).


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