Delegation of permissions

Marc Muehlfeld Marc.Muehlfeld at
Thu Oct 11 01:21:20 MDT 2012

Am 11.10.2012 07:30, schrieb Matthieu Patou:
> So most of the creation is ok, it's just the modification of the hostname that
> is failing, I suspect that inheritance is not set. It might be a bug in the
> wizard tool or in the way we interpret the commands from the wizard tool.

How can it be done with samba-tool? I saw that it has a 'delegation' option. 
Then I can test, if it works there. It makes it easier to decide if its a 
problem with the ADUC wizzard or a general problem.

> Captures with keytab of the ldap exchange would be great (but beware your
> keytab gives us all your passwords ....)

Thats not a big thing. I reactivated my old s4 testenvironment from before our 
migration and did a new provisioning with simple passwords. So the databases 
are empty and don't contain any 'real' passwords.

I'll send you a level 10 debug log, tcpdump capture and the keytab in a few 


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