requirements issue

jimc jesmeyano at
Tue Oct 9 15:32:54 MDT 2012


On your system requirements page 
(, libacll-dev 
and libpopt-dev are listed. I (and google) have been unable to find them.

I have a dandy test environment with 4 Linux boxes, 2 Windows 7, 5 XP, 
and an iMac. I have an application that I would love to use this product on!

Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially in the form of a 
prebuilt Debian/Ubuntu package. I'm not that great a programmer, and 
digging through a huge logfile looking for a build error really makes me 
sortof unhappy.

I am, however, a pretty good sysadmin. I am tired of MacroSquish's 
bulls**t and license fees.


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