Beyond samba4 wiki page (was: Successfull migration to samba4)

Marc Muehlfeld Marc.Muehlfeld at
Mon Oct 8 13:57:32 MDT 2012


Am 04.10.2012 03:55, schrieb Andrew Bartlett:
 >> During the migration I worked out some solutions, like the openLDAP proxy
 >> configuration, postfix authorization, thunderbird addressbook,... that
 >> could be usefull for others, too. And I'd like to share it with others,
 >> but don't know where a good place is for that. I don't know if my ways
 >> are the perfect solutions, but maybe on a public place it could be
 >> discussed and improved. I'm not sure if you want such additional
 >> information/configurations somewhere on a
 >> extra wiki page.
 > Get and account and put it on the wiki.

I created a new page and started adding some first topics:

I know that some of the configuration examples will be specific for 
distributions/plattforms. But a "beyond samba4" could be a good place to get 
first ideas how to start with connecting other services, etc. to AD.

Sure, my solutions maybe are not the 100% perfect way. But it's a first 
working solution. And everybody having ideas to improve can edit the wiki and 
all can profit from that.

Please let me know what you're are thinking about that kind of page, content, 
style, etc. I have some more topics and configuration examples that I think 
that will be useful for users after they setup/migrate to s4 AD.


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