Implementing Windows Search Protocoll (WSP)/server side file indexing

Ingo Steuwer steuwer at
Thu Oct 4 06:05:25 MDT 2012


we received customer requests regarding index based search on Samba shares 
with Windows 7 clients. As far as I undersand, Windows Vista and Windows 7 
are not able to search for files on Samba shares per default. Both rely on a 
server side file index an access to it using the "Windows Search Protocoll" 

Windows 7 is able to create a client side file index on CIFS shares, but has 
this feature disabled by default. Also, in most situations one does not want 
every client to index the whole server share by itself.

In a short research I understand that Samba doesn't offer this feature yet. It 
was one of the suggested implementations for the latest GSoC:

Is there anyone working on this?

We had a few requests for this lately and might be able to sponsor the 
development. Please contact me directly if you are interessted.

Best Regards
Ingo Steuwer

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