Need urgent help with samba4 DC re-join

Andreas Oster aoster at
Tue Oct 2 00:29:59 MDT 2012

Am 02.10.2012 03:21, schrieb Andrew Bartlett:
> This is what I did on my test database (I just used the one from make
> test):
> [abartlet at jesse samba]$ bin/ldbmodify -H st/dc//private/sam.ldb.d/DC
> \=DOMAINDNSZONES\,DC\=SAMBA\,DC\=EXAMPLE\,DC\=COM.ldb < fix-dns.ldif
> Modified 1 records successfully
> [abartlet at jesse samba]$ bin/samba-tool dbcheck -H st/dc/private/sam.ldb
> --cross-ncs --fix
> Checking 3427 objects
> ERROR: missing GUID component for objectCategory in object
> DC=DomainDnsZones,DC=samba,DC=example,DC=com -
> CN=Domain-DNS,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=SAMBA,DC=EXAMPLE,DC=COM
> Change DN to
> <GUID=bf75dcc6-0751-4b2a-88c1-72c163b79b13>;CN=Domain-DNS,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=samba,DC=example,DC=com? [y/N/all/none] y
> Fixed missing GUID on attribute objectCategory
> Checked 3427 objects (1 errors)
> [abartlet at jesse samba]$ bin/samba-tool dbcheck -H st/dc/private/sam.ldb
> --cross-ncs --fix --reindex
> It is normally not recommended to edit the files in sam.ldb.d, but this
> is a special case and so there is no other way to override the normal
> checks.
> Naturally, you will need to modify the commands and ldif to suit your
> db.
> I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you with this.
> Andrew Bartlett
> -- Andrew Bartlett Authentication Developer,
> Samba Team

Hello Andrew,

the fix seems to have worked. I also had to fix ForestDnsZones, but
afterwards I was able to re-join the second DC. It now also possible  to
use the additional DC as secondary DNS server.

I will now do some testing and report back.

Thank you very much for your great support !!!!

best regards


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