CFP: Cloud Infrastructure, Distributed Storage and High Availability at LCA 2013

Tim Serong tserong at
Mon Oct 1 06:24:37 MDT 2012

I'm pleased to announce that we will be holding a one day Cloud
Infrastructure, Distributed Storage and High Availability mini
conference[1] on Monday 28 January 2013 as part of 2013 in
Canberra, Australia[2].

This miniconf is about building reliable infrastructure, from two-node
HA failover pairs to multi-thousand-core cloud systems.  You might like
to think of it as a sequel to the LCA 2012 High Availability and
Distributed Storage miniconf[3].

Do any of the following describe you?

* You're building cloud infrastructure for others to use
  (openstack, cloudstack, eucalyptus, ...)
* Your data needs to be reliably available everywhere
  (ceph, glusterfs, drbd, ...)
* Your system absolutely must be up all the time
  (pacemaker, corosync, ...)

If so, this is the miniconf for you!  Please consider submitting a
presentation at:

We're expecting most talk slots to be 25 minutes (including questions
and changeover), but there will be openings for shorter lightning talks
and maybe a couple of longer talks.  CFP closes on Sunday November 4,
2012.  Notifications of acceptance will be emailed out after this date.

Note that there is also an OpenStack-specific miniconf[4] running on
Tuesday 29 January.  We're hoping this will give us a pretty awesome
two-day LCA 2013 CloudFest.  As a rough rule of thumb, more generic or
infrastructure-related talks should go to Cloud, Distributed Storage &
HA, while deeper OpenStack-specific talks should probably go to the
OpenStack miniconf.  If in doubt, or if you have any other questions,
please contact me directly at tserong at



(also videos at
Tim Serong
Senior Clustering Engineer
tserong at

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