Bugzilla workflow with review

Andreas Schneider asn at samba.org
Thu Nov 29 03:51:27 MST 2012


I would like to define a Bugzilla workflow everyone is fine with.

Lets say I found a bug and I have a patch for it.

Patch Author:

1. I create a bug report on bugzilla.
2. I modify the patch to have the bug number in the commit message.
3. I add the patch to the bug and request review.

1. I review the patch.
2. If I'm fine with it I push it to autobuild
3. I set the review flag to +

Patch Author:
1. After the patch passed autobuild I update my git tree.
2. I go to all the branches we need it for and cherry-pick it
   a) If I can cherry pick without any conflicts, goto A.
   b) If there is a conflict while cherry picking goto B.

* Go to the bug, assign it to Karolin and add:
  "Karolin, please cherry-pick <sha1> to <branch> and <branch>


* Fix the conflict, create a format-patch and add it to the bug report.
* Ask the reviewer for a review again.

1. Review the patch.
2. If fine set review flag to +.

Patch Author:
1. Assign to Karolin and ask her to pick <sha1> to <branch> and add the patch 
X from this bug to <branch>.

I don't see why we need to add a patch for each branch we can't cherry pick. 
It is more work for us and also for Karolin. I'm sure she finds it easier to 
just call 'git cherry-pick <sha1>' instead of downloading each patch.

So in most cases there should be only one patch in the bug. The one the 
reviewer needs to push to master after a successful review.

	-- andreas

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