s4 contrib - script to manage posixAccount and posixGroup

David Mansfield samba at dm.cobite.com
Tue Nov 27 20:43:57 MST 2012

Hi all,

Thanks to all of the great help and advice I decided to tackle solving 
my problems (in my test environment) in rolling out samba4 as a single 
centralized authentication and user store or UNIX and Windows 
environments.  As-is samba4 seems great, but was missing any 
functionality to add and manage
the important "posixAccount" and "posixGroup" object classes.

After trolling the archives and google I have decided on an approach 
much like "steve" but with a little more functionality.

The idea of using 'passwd' and 'group' records was from Bernd Markgraf 
and seems quite nice to me.

The script is called s4imu.pl (samba 4 identity management for unix - 
for unix!).

Use it like:
    ./s4imu.pl --user "alice:x:1000:1000:Alice Person:/home/alice:/bin/bash"
    ./s4imu.pl --user "bob:x:1001:1001:Bob Guy:/home/bob:/bin/bash"
    ./s4imu.pl --group "staff:x:2000:alice,bob"

Check the top of the script for more info.

This code is purely to help any others who might find it useful, and is 
not production ready or anything like that.  Hopefully someone else will 
find this useful.

I had initially thought to add the functionality to samba-tool, but 
decided against it because:
- I'm experienced in perl and not so much in python
- I figured integrating into samba-tool would have all kinds of semantic 

Your feedback appreciated.

David Mansfield
Cobite, INC.
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