Samba 3.6.x, FreeBSD and Kerberos ...

Andriy Syrovenko andriys at
Tue Nov 27 03:59:05 MST 2012


FreeBSD has Heimdal in base, however in all -STABLE branches it is somewhat
outdated and is known to cause troubles. AFAIK, there were some work
ongoing in -CURRENT to bring a more recent Heimdal version in base. But for
the 9-STABLE I'm personally use the following procedure as of now:

1. Build Heimdal from ports (security/heimdal)
2. Manually remove Heimdal development files (headers and symlinks to
shared objects) from base.
3. Build everything else I need to depend on Heimdal as usual (bind and
samba3 from ports, samba4 from git, etc.)

Hope this helps.

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2012/11/27 Richard Sharpe <realrichardsharpe at>

> Hi Folks,
> Is it better to use Heimdal for Kerberos support on FreeBSD?
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> Richard Sharpe
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