s4 managing posixAccount and posixGroup with samba-tool?

Bernd Markgraf bernd.markgraf at med.ovgu.de
Mon Nov 26 14:01:05 MST 2012

> How about exporting all the users somehow, then writing a script to 
> create them as new users in a S4 domain?
> OK, they all get new UID's through RID but this shouldn't be a problem 
> really and once completed all your user details will be in one place, 
> your S4 AD.
That ignores the fact that there may be one or more other services
involved that rely on already existing UID numbers. NFS being a nice
Recreating the users may seem like a nice idea in order to have all user
info in one place. Chown'ing millions of files (I would currently have
about 40 million files on 3 nfs servers with about 1000 different uids,
~250 currently being active) to get the mapping to new UIDS right is
just not that much fun. I think it was/is a better idea to manually
assign posix UID/GID numbers to new users in such cases. 

just my .02¢

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