Experience with migration from samba3 to samba4 and ovirt tests

Alejandro aescanero at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 11:59:27 MST 2012

For now I set this options:

A option in samba-tool domain classicupgrade: --add-upn=(yes|no) default yes
A subcclass in samba-tool user upn set|delete|show
A option in samba-tool user create (--upn=UPN)

I need more information about torture tests of samba-tool commands, any

2012/11/16 Lukasz Zalewski <lukas at eecs.qmul.ac.uk>

> On 15/11/12 16:24, Alejandro wrote:
>> I prefer to use a "samba-tool user upn add|delete|list" command in place
>> of "samba-tool spn" because samba-tool user has options -H and -filter ,
>> the spn only use ldb, no remote access.
> Sorry was only referring to the layout of subcommands within spn not the
> physical location. I think conceptually they do belong to user subsection.

>>     Also given that samba-tool user create automatically generates upn
>>     for new users maybe the migration script should do the same?
>> See  "samba-tool domain classicupgrade (--add-upn)" --add-upn is a
>> optional switch to add the UPN to each migrate user.
> What i was aiming at was to make add upn functionality compulsory rather
> than optional (through --add-upn flag) in a same way as user create does.
Do you like something as  "--add-upn" option (yes|no) with "yes" as default

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> L

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