samba4 samba-tool dns questions

Amitay Isaacs amitay at
Sun Nov 18 22:11:54 MST 2012

On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 4:48 AM, Marc Muehlfeld <
Marc.Muehlfeld at> wrote:

> Hi,
> Am 16.11.2012 18:22, schrieb Kai Blin:
>  So far, the part of samba that samba-tool dns talks to has no way of
>> telling the DNS server part to reload its zone list. The zone list is
>> read during startup only. We'll try and fix that eventually, but this
>> won't make 4.0. You'll have to go and restart samba after adding a zone
>> for now, just like you've got to do with bind.
> I saw, that there's already a ticket about the missing reload (#9404). But
> this isn't just a problem of the internal DNS. We are running s4+bind and
> have to restart samba4 too, when doing any changes on DNS (like adding a
> record).

You do not have to restart samba if you are using s4+bind.  If you edit a
record (add/delete/modify), the change should be visible immediately from
BIND.  If you add or delete a zone, then you will have to reload/restart


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