s4: can add attributes without objectClass after schema update (zarafa)

Thomas Mueller thomas at chaschperli.ch
Tue Nov 13 10:17:34 MST 2012


all on samba4.0.0rc4

i've imported the zarafa activedirectory schema extension (-> https://

the schema update went fine (at least no errors reported). Now I can add 
the zarafa attributes in ADUC GUI.  I least I thought. :) They are saved, 
but not shown if the dialog is reopend.

Anlyzing the data stored on a user account showd this: 

zarafaAdmin: 0  
zarafaSharedStoreOnly: 0
zarafaAccount: 1
zarafaHidden: 0 
zarafaUserServer: s101
zarafaResourceCapacity: 0
zarafaQuotaWarn: 200
zarafaQuotaOverride: 1
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: organizationalPerson
objectClass: user
whenChanged: 20121113165831.0Z

attributes are there, but no objectClass zarafaAccount. I can add/remove 
zarafa attributes without error messages with ldbedit. "samba-tool 
dbhceck --cross-ncs" reports no errors. 

The gui isn't fixed with adding the objectClass but it's scares me that i 
can add attributes without enabling the objectClass on the object.

- Thomas

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