Question regarding fixes for Samba 3.6

Nimrod Sapir NIMRODS at
Tue Nov 6 08:16:08 MST 2012

> Hi
> I'm currently trying to work with the latest Samba 3.6 version. However, 

> I've noticed that some issues (which are probably relevant for both 3.6 
> and 4.0) are only fixed in the master branch, while issues that are 
> relevant for Samba 3.6 only are fixed in the 3.6 stable branch only. For 

> example, commit 73ede3241e3d8c26f50fbc7bd0762c742dfb3348 does not exist 
> the v3-6-stable branch (although the issue is relevant for Samba 3.6), 
> while the fix to bug #9058 (commit 
> ea172c293d08d659f438d5851efc42a61f3bbb9e, among others) is only 
> in the master branch.

should have been "while the fix to bug #9058 **is not available** in the 
master branch"
> I need the fix for those two bugs, and probably others which I am not 
> aware of. However, I'm trying to avoid merging those two branches 
> or trying to locate the relevant patch and cherry-picking the fix every 
> time I have a bug. Is there an easy way to do so?
> Thanks
> Nimrod Sapir
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