[Samba 4] AD Modifications fail from some client programs but not others

Brian C. Huffman bhuffman at etinternational.com
Tue May 29 09:14:25 MDT 2012


I was able to get the schema modifications for Kerio Mail server 
installed in Samba4 (I ran their executable on a Windows 2008 server and 
then located the schema that was added and then imported into S4).  
However, now I'm trying to run their UI portion of their admin and it's 
apparently trying to make changes that are being rejected by the Samba 
server.  The odd thing is that I can use the ADSI admin tool on Windows 
and perform (what seems to me to be) the same changes and it works.

Here's an example of what I see in wireshark when their executable is 

LDAPMessage modifyResponse(15) insufficientAccessRights (00002098: 
has no write property access)

They're trying to add a value to adminContextMenu of 

If I try to do the same thing with ADSI, it appears to work.  
Unfortunately there are other things they're also trying to do which 
fail, so I'm trying to understand what is happening.


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