samba4 -> samba4 migration

Josh B jsblists at
Mon May 21 09:47:07 MDT 2012

Hello Samba Team,

I've been trying to migrate a samba4 environment from one box to another
with limited success and I'm hoping for some suggestions.

I added my new box to the domain as a DC and got the directory replicated
just fine.  I copied the profiles and homes directory structures as simple
files, which clearly didn't prove to be the right move.  Nevertheless, I
can repair the permissions and everything manually, as the environment is
not that large.  But the issue I'm running into is that there does not
appear to actually be a way to do so.  My domain administrator accounts
aren't able to change permissions on folders/files.  I suspect this is due
to my new server being a DC and not a PDC, thus it's trying to replicate
the changes to the PDC that no longer exists.  Is there any way to resolve
this situation?  I have no problem updating folders manually, but I
currently don't have "access" to do so.  Can I promote my DC to "PDC"
status, and disable the replication to the former PDC?

This is on alpha16, whereas the old system was alpha12.

Thank you!


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