share-level permissions and SYSTEM_SECURITY to files and dirs failing even though token has SeSecurityPrivilege

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Wed May 16 01:53:50 MDT 2012


>>> in smbd_check_access_rights we first check if the share permissions
>>> allow the mode of access. This fails of the caller asked for
>>> SYSTEM_SECURITY and no further check is made.
>>> However, if the logged in user's token contains SeSecurityPrivilege
>>> and rejected_share_access was only SYSTEM_SECURITY, then I believe
>>> that the requested operation should be allowed to continue to further
>>> checks.
>>> What say ye?
>> Errrr. Yeah. Sounds about right to me :-).
> OK, but in thinking about this some more, I think the correct fix is a
> slight restructuring of the current code.
> We currently have share_rejected_access, which is checked first up,
> and we error out immediately if any bits are rejected at that point.
> Rather than duplicate the privilege checks that are in
> se_access_check, I would rather use those share_rejected_bits to feed
> into rejected_mask and have se_access_check pull those in to see if
> privileges override them ...
> I guess I should look at how Windows handles this. The algorithm is
> available, at least.
> The issue came up because xcopy /X with a SACL does really weird
> things if it cannot get access to the parent directory with
> SYSTEM_SECURITY but can get access to the newly created file with that
> access mode. (It stores the SACL but creates an empty DACL :-)

I think we should also need to change the way we do our 'vuid' cache
based on the connection_struct.

for the session that creates the tcon.
And we also do the share security_descriptor checking also only at
tcon time.

Which means that others sessions will use the wrong 'share_access' masks.

I think we should create a connection_struct for each vuid/tid combination
create a new connection_struct for a new vuid/tid combination.


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