The TDB2 decision (ntdb?)

Michael Adam obnox at
Sat May 12 04:29:04 MDT 2012

Hi Rusty,

Rusty Russell wrote:
> Here's the summary of what was decided with TDB2: please correct if this
> is wrong!
> (1) TDB2 will be used in Samba 4.0, introduced during/before beta.
>     => If it takes longer than 2 weeks, it won't make the first beta.
>     => Rusty will get autoconf tdb2 working.
> (2) TDB2 should not be backwards compatible with TDB1.
>     => Rusty to remove tdb1 compat code from tdb2.
> (3) TDB2 should be a separate library, not a version bump.
>     => You will be able to link against both.
>     => API names to change from tdb_* to <newname>_*
>     => Rusty to poll for a new name: ntdb?
> (4) SAMBA 4 will use the TDB2 on-disk format.
>     => You can use tdbbackup then tdb2restore to update (offline).
> (5) Volker (?) will look at expanding the db_wrap usage so that we can
>     potentially interchange tdb1 and tdb2.
> Thanks,
> Rusty.
> PS.  Name suggestions welcome!

Thanks for the good discussion yesterday and for the summary.

I have started to work on the dbwrap issue yesterady.
I have moved the dbwrap core lib (without the still s3-specific
parts dbwrap_ctdb and dbwrap_watch) to the top level (not pushed
to autobuild yet).
git:// branch master-dbwrap

The purpose is to be able to also turn users of tdb/tdb_wrap in
other parts of samba than source3 to use the dbwrap interface.
Once all parts are converted, switching between tdb and tdb2 will
be a matter of changing dbwrap backends.
Does this approach sound reasonable/useful?

Cheers - Michael

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