Send (and receive) a SMB2_CHANGE_NOTIFY request via libsmbclient?

Stef Bon stefbon at
Wed May 9 13:09:40 MDT 2012


I'm working on a filesystem change monitor, with the ability to
forward a watch to a client fs.

The reason to do it this way is to let the client fs (nfs, cifs, fuse
based fs) setup the backend watch.
For example for cifs this means sending a SMB2_CHANGE_NOTIFY request
to the server/backend.

Now before trying to make this work with cifs, I would like to make it
work with fuse filesystems to
connect to SMB servers, like fusesmb. These filesystems are based upon

My question is now is the sending and receiving of SMB2_CHANGE_NOTIFY
possible with libsmbclient?


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