How to test SMB3 using Samba?

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Wed May 9 08:44:24 MDT 2012

Hi Jeremy:

Thanks for your information.

But Window 8 and SMB3 will be released late 2012,  EMC will also release new products that support SMB3.
It's too late to get Samba to support SMB3 "over a year or so"

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> SMB3 (originally named as SMB2.2) will be shipped later this year with Windows 8.  
> I found that Samba3 or Samba4 doesn't support SMB3, I didn't find any plan to do so.
> Could somebody provide information if Samba support SMB3 now?  if now, what is the plan?

You're in the wrong place :-). You should be here
at the SambaXP conference where Michael and Metze
are in the middle of their talk describing how we
are planning to do this :-).

Short answer - no currently shipping production
releases (Microsoft Windows included) currently
support SMB3 (it'll be in Windows8). We're planning
to implement it inside Samba over the next year
or so.


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