Problem with SYSVOL share

Andreas Oster aoster at
Wed May 2 04:39:31 MDT 2012


Am 01.05.2012 9:26, schrieb Matthieu Patou: 

> On 04/26/2012 12:33
AM, Andreas Oster wrote:
>> Am 26.04.2012 08:49, schrieb Matthieu
>>> Hin Andreas, 
>>>> Hi Matthieu, I have inserted
your patch and recompiled but it did not change anything. From a win2k
machine I can access the netlogon share via \domainnamenetlogon but from
the 2008 member server it is not possible to connect.
>>> Can you start
a trace, on the linux box, and reboot both win2k and 2K8 and try to
access \domainnamenetlogon ? What about if you try with sysvol instead
>> Hi Matthieu, I have attached two tcdump files. test2 is from
win2008 machine to sysvol and netlogon share (failed) test3 is from
win2k machine to those shares (successful).
> There is a strange
mistake in the trace with the W2K8 being unable to 
> get a ticket for
> I didn't had a closer look at why is it so but it
looks strange for sure.
> Maybe try to rejoin the domain ?

Hello Matthieu,

thank you for your help with this. I will
remove the machine from the AD and re-add it. 
Maybe this will help.
This server has been a DC before I demoted it to have a samba4
only AD.
It is possible that something went wrong while demotion.

best regards


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