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Matthieu Patou mat at
Thu Mar 29 11:31:06 MDT 2012

Hello Stefan,

On 03/28/2012 10:25 AM, Razvan Florea wrote:
> Dear Sir / Madam,
> My name is Florea Stefan - Razvan and i am studying Computer Science at
> Polytechnic University of Bucharest. Looking through the projects proposed
> by the accepted organizations at GSOC 2012, the projects ideas of your
> organization caught my attention.
> Especially, I am interested in one of them: Implement login / logout
> related counter update.
> I think that I am suitable for this project because of my experience with
> C/C++ programming language. I worked in school and personal projects in
> C/C++ which consolidated my knowledge in working with it.
> I want to ask you about the steps I have to cover before I send my
> application.
So this paragraph 
makes a high level description of what this project is about.
If you are interested in this project I think the initial steps are:

* Compile and install Samba4 as a domain controller
* Join a Windows workstation/server to the domain if you don't have a 
windows version you can always download a trial version of windows (cf. of windows 
server 2008R2
* See how attribute related to a user account evolve when you log in/log 
out, change your password, modify his name, his rights ...

Then you can start listing attributes that you think are related to 
login/logout counters.
At that moment you might already find the need to contact us more 
closely so don't hesitate to join the #samba-technical channel on server 
freenode of IRC ( (there is a web client here: my nick is ekacnet, kai blin is 'kai' or 
'kblin' and Andrew Bartlett is abartlett.
Some people seems to be present 24 hours a day it's just because they 
don't close their IRC program or use a proxy (me for instance) so don't 
be surprise if we don't answer right away.
For info Kai is sitting in the UTC+2 timezone, Andrew is UTC+11, and for 
me it's UTC-7.

Next logical step is to setup a Windows 2008R2 domain controller and 
join another windows client (you can for instance use the beta of 
windows 8) and compare what is changing.
At that moment you should have enough information for your GSOC 
application (especially if you asked questions).

For applications we expect something concrete like a plan for this 
project. Such plan should include what you plan to do to get a 
comprehensive list of calls/event that trigger login counter related 
change, a comprehensive list of counters related to login, your plan for 
the implementation (testing included).

Hope it helps.

Matthieu Patou
Samba Team

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