GSoC - ncurses registry editor

C. Davis cd.rattan at
Wed Mar 28 02:16:08 MDT 2012


I'm interested in applying for the ncurses registry editor project for

Should the user interface resemble Windows' regedit to allow users to
fully enumerate/edit the registry on a remote Windows system, or should it
be more geared towards just configuring Samba (by providing an interface
for managing shares, etc)?

>From tracing how "net registry" and "net rpc registry" work, it appears
all the code for accessing the registry locally and remotely already
exists (code in registry/ for local access, and rpc_client/ for winreg
RPC). I assume not much (if anything) would have to be done here for the
ncurses editor.

The project hint on the Wiki page mentions using "plugins" for registry
backends, which makes me think of something like browser plugins that are
dlopen'd on the fly. Would something like that really be required for this
project, or am I confusing what was meant?


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