Is there a mistake in the samba.smb.SMB PyDoc stuff?

Richard Sharpe realrichardsharpe at
Sat Mar 24 19:20:03 MDT 2012


It says:

samba.smb.SMB = class SMB(talloc.Object)
 |  SMB(hostname, service[, lp[, creds]]) -> SMB connection object

However, in my code, if I do

    conn = smb.SMB(server, share, lp=lp, creds=creds)

It I don't have lp=lp, creds=creds (ie, if I just have smb.SMB(server,
share, lp, creds)) I get an error saying invalid type.

I guess I will try it the other way around and see what I get.

Anyway, it just works, and it has been easy getting to point of
setting up a connection.

Richard Sharpe

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