CTDB - all nodes "unhealthy"

Andy D'Arcy Jewell andy.jewell at sysmicro.co.uk
Fri Mar 23 03:00:04 MDT 2012

Hi all,

This is my first time posting here, so please forgive me if it's not up 
to form!

I'm building a test 4-node CTDB + Samba + GFS2 rig on Scientific Linux 
6.1. I have GFS2 + Corosync etc up and running fine, and I've followed 
the http://http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/GFS_CTDB_HowTo and everything 
seems to be in order, but I can't seem to get CTDB working - all nodes 
show up as UNHEALTHY. The master node, however, shows the same on all 
four nodes, when queried with 'ctdb status'.

I'll post the configs shortly - do you prefer direct posting or pastebin 
on this list?

Andy D'Arcy Jewell

SysMicro Limited
Linux Support

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