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Charles Tryon charles.tryon at
Tue Mar 20 11:53:19 MDT 2012

Simple answer is, "Yes, if you have it set up right."

You probably need to use Samba3 as your file server, since Samba4 is really
more focused on the AD side of things.  On the S3 server, you should make
sure you have extended attributes support turned on in the underlying file
system.  My personal experience is that it's still a little messy (initial
permissions are in the "wrong order" according to the W7 security dialog),
but it does seem to work.  Other people probably have more specifics on
this than I do.

On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 4:53 PM, Jason Carlson
<jason at>wrote:

> With samba 4 is it possible to set the permissions of a file that is
> located on the samba 4 server by using a windows 7 client (right click the
> file, select properties, and then select the security tab)? I'm getting
> permission denied and I'm logged in with a user that has domain admin
> privileges. I'm able write to the directory just not change file
> permissions.
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