Treating share modes as advisory when set by Mac clients

Brian Campbell lambda at
Tue Mar 13 11:59:06 MDT 2012

On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 5:21 AM, Frank Lahm <franklahm at>wrote:

> I'd ask myself if I was asking the right questions. You're using a
> Windows network protocol ducktaped for OS X. Hint: AFP.

We have tried using AFP; and in fact, we export our shares under both AFP
(via netatalk) and SMB (via Samba), and allow clients to choose between

But AFP has many problems of its own. Apparently QuickTime has issues
writing DV files larger than 2 GB on AFP shares, and Avid has trouble with
locking of certain metadata. I'm fairly new here, so I haven't tracked
these issues down myself to tell if they are bugs in the applications,
Apple's AFP client, the AFP protocol itself, or netatalk, this is just what
I've heard about why we generally use SMB instead of AFP.

Up until this issue, Samba + DAVE has been the best combination for our
needs. And if we could just treat these locks as advisory, as the Mac
expects them to be, then I believe that we would be fine. All that's biting
us are these locks that had been ignored by DAVE are now being implemented,
and Samba is treating them as mandatory (well, resource forks also
occasionally come up as an issue, but that will be true any time you need
to share files between Mac and Windows clients).

-- Brian

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