What ACL options woudl be best for s3fs?

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Mon Mar 12 17:50:06 MDT 2012

I'm not particularly failure with all the various ACL options available
in smbd, so I figured it was better to ask rather than guess:

What options should we use for ACLs on a AD DC, where we must have
perfect AD ACL semantics?

Is there any known issues with these modules and the Samba4 ACL setting,
particularly as done in provision? (I recall something about different
xattr names, so wanted to check).

What options are available for hosts that do not support extended
attributes?  Samba4 sets an option to store everything into a TDB in
this case, and this is used a lot in make test.  What option should I
set for smbd, other than:

vfs objects = $vfs_modulesdir_abs/xattr_tdb.so

Eventually I want to make these hard-coded defaults, so I would like to
get them right.


Andrew Bartlett
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