Fix: IPv6 reverse DNS zone handling

Marcel Ritter marcel.ritter at
Sun Mar 11 04:48:41 MDT 2012


while playing around with samba4 bind9_dlz and IPv6,
if ran into the following problem:

Using a Windows 7 MMC it is possible to add a reverse
IPv6 zone, however upon first refresh it gets sorted into the
forward zone list, which prevents a user from adding PTR
records :-(

Looking at the samba4 code, it looks like reverse zone handling
is only done for IPv4 zones (ending in "").

Handling of IPv6 zones (ending in "") is missing.

The attached patch fixes that behavior .

IPv6 reverse zones work, PTR records can be added (only tested
from MMC, not yet with "samba-tool dns"), and nslookup/dig
return valid entries.


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