Upgrading from S4-alpha12

titantoppler at gmail.com titantoppler at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 11:13:14 MST 2012

Hi list,

I'm attempting to upgrade from my (very old) installation of S4 alpha 12,
to the current build of S4.

After pulling down the latest source and compiling+installing, I'm doing
the 'upgradeprovision --full' step to upgrade the database.

However, I'm running out of space. Upon further investigation, I realised
that this step seemed to be copying the 'sysvol' folder to a
/usr/local/samba/private/backupprovision(some-random-letters). Since my
users' data files are really huge, doing so fills out my hard disk really

Why is this happening (meaning the need to copy the files) - I had thought
the provisioning step would be upgrading the database only, without
touching my files? Is there a way around that?


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